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Still from The Chemical Brothers video 'Wide Open ft Beck'
Still from The Chemical Brothers video ‘Wide Open ft Beck’

As we start embarking  on the third* phase of the project (digital representations), we’ve been very curious of what is already out there in terms of technologies and their applications. Liam is great with everything digital, to the point that we promoted him our official digital spokesperson. A few new collaborations might be coming our way, but more on them later. For now, here are a few projects that caught our eyes:

Nowness Virtual Embalming

Still from 'Virtual Embalming' by Frederik Heyman for Nowness, 22 October, 2018
Still from ‘Virtual Embalming’ by Frederik Heyman for Nowness, 22 October, 2018

Video channel Nowness invited artist and director Frederik Heyman to participate on their series ‘Define Beauty’. The resulting episode, Virtual Embalming, is the artist’s response to the question ‘how do you want to be remembered forever?’ In it, he applies photogrammetry (3D scanning technology) to virtually ’embalm’ Isabelle Huppert, Kim Peers and Michèle Lamy.


Miranda Flora Ready to Die

Antwerp-based fashion designer Miranda Flora created, for her fall 2018-19 presentation during Paris Fashion Week, a collection inspired by death**, named Ready to Die. Starting from the idea that museum collections are ‘the cemetery of goods’***, Miranda 3D scanned a selection of garments in museum collections and worked the files in order to create something new.

Most interesting for us are her process videos:

Her project led to a team discussion (via email), where Liam noted that it highlights the limitations with the technology in that it only captures an exterior surface – perfectly fine for many other objects but very limiting for fashion with its internal elements. What you really need to do is scan it inside out…


The Chemical Brothers Wide Open ft Beck

Flora Miranda’s project somehow led us to The Chemical Brothers video for the song Wide Open ft Beckwith the gorgeous Sonoya Mizuno dancing to Wayne McGregor’s choreography. Interesting parallels between dance and digital representations of the body in movement! Here a video of its making:


Isabella Coraça

*first phase: museum visits (or as I like to call ‘intellectual jet setting’); second phase: making the physical reproductions (ongoing)

**a thought while writing this post: why is it that the concept of death is so pervading in projects involving new technologies, particularly those associated with virtual reality?

***an idea also explored by Elizabeth Wilson in Adorned in Dreams (1985), where she noted ‘There is something eerie about a museum of costume … the atrophy of the body, and the evanescence of life.’ 

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